What do I do with them?

I gave you preserved lemons, and you’re wondering what to do with them.

Preserved lemons are delicious when thrown in with roast vegetables, or chopped up to add zing to any kind of grainy dish (cous cous, quinoa, etc). They can be used in a parcel to steam meat, or in a middle-eastern style dressing.

Before you use the lemons, take them out of the jar and run them under some water – the flesh will come away and this can be discarded (it can be used if you really want, but it can be a bit bitter). You’re left with the lemon skin, which is the bit that you use.

Here are some recipes I (have tried, tested, and) love:


Preserved lemon and garam masala hummus. More like yummus!

Quinoa with asparagus and preserved lemon dressing (Martha Stewart, yeah, but it’s good.)

Petite Kitchen’s braised lentils with preserved lemon.

Harissa roasted carrots with preserved lemons and feta.


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